Photography of the reading corner within the History Gallery

Embark on a unique journey in the Martigues History Gallery.

This innovative space larger than 500 m2, located on the ground floor of the city hall, immerses you in the memory of this millennial city and its inhabitants.

Through written documents, photographs, models, museum objects, interactive terminals, the Gallery offers in-depth insight  of the city's evolution into its main stages. You will thus find the first traces of human civilization until the swift development of the city in the second half of the 20th century.

The Gallery also presents an overview of the city of tomorrow. The urban, cultural and social projects of Martigues are thus exposed. It is not a matter of a few centuries or a period, rather of the whole history of Martigues from prehistoric times to the present day. And through it, it is also the evolution of our world that we travel, find or discover.

The Gallery has a free access area in Gallery 1 to consult books on site.


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