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Access to online children's books and audio books

Storyplay'r aims to make your children discover the pleasure of reading.

With the partner publishers, we offer you a rich and varied catalogue of 1500 titles to read and listen to, in French but also in foreign languages.



The books are displayed without animation for a genuine reading experience that leaves free course to the imagination.

A perfect tool to guide children, whatever their aptitudes, from early learning to the next steps.

Reading assistance

Children sometimes are challenged by the reading, because they are just starting to learn the skill or because they suffer from specific disorders such as dyslexia, dysorthography, dysgraphia ...

Storyplay’r is also designed for these children, which allows:

  • fonts*,
  • its seize,
  • and text colors be customizable. Your child will be able to choose the reading experience that is most suitable for him/her.

You will also find a pronunciation help from a text-to-speech synthesis system.

Audio versions

The stories have audio versions recorded by storytellers. The karaoke feature allows highlighted words to be displayed in sync with the narration.

* Open Dyslexic included 

Few examples...