Ressources for all the nursing school students.

Martigues has on its territory a Nursing Training Institute (IFSI in French) which welcomes nearly 260 students each year.

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The multimedia library offers various services to the IFSI students and every person curious on the topic.

Documentary resources:1

  1. Organization and methodical medical work
  2. Responsability and ethics
  3. Violence within care
  4. Health and society
  5. Palliative care
  6. Prison environment
  7. Therapeutic relationship
  8. Culture and care
  9. Distance and care
  10. Nurse's self-image
  11. Patient self-image
  12. Caregivers (relatives)
  13. Gerontology
  14. Alzheimer
  15. Addictions and nutrition disorders
  16. Schizophrenia
  17. Mental disorders
  18. Physical restraint

Help to the documentary search

As part of your course of study, the librarians of the multimedia library support you in your research of documentary sources (catalog search, internet, interlibrary loan, etc.)

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Loan between librairies

Enable to bring a book from another library to Martigues: request a loan from another library.

Workspace within the library

The multimedia library offers long opening hours, which allows you to come to work til 6:30p.m. every day from Tuesday to Saturday included.

Loan of a meeting room

We offer IFSI students on Saturday to be able to work in a group in a dedicated room to practice oral exams in particular.

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1 Keep in mind most of these resources are in French.