WiFi logo illustration

Internet access on a workstation or by using a wireless device.

The Media Library offers its public access to the internet on workstations allocated in each of its sections: youth, adults, documentation, neighborhood libraries...in addition to free WiFi.

You need to be registered to get access to this service. You will be then able to consult your emails, the social networks, to work on a word-processing or spread-sheet program, connect a flash drive. You may also print for free documents, within the limit of 10 pages per day.

You may access, once connected to the following softwares:

  • word processing:
    • Notepad,
    • Wordpad,
    • Libre Office,
  • web browser:
    • Edge,
    • Firefox,
    • Chrome,
    • Internet Explorer,
  • PDF  readers:
    • Acrobat Reader,
    • PDF creator,
  • image processing:
    • Gimp,
    • Paint,
  • audio and video:
    • VLC,
    • Audacity,
  • miscellaneous tools:
    • Narrator,
    • Calculator,
    • Snip & Sketch
    • File explorer