The Ziem Museum offers a collection of resources which can be consulted by appointment.

The documentation of the Ziem museum focuses mainly on the history of art.

It is offering a wealth of 6810 works including 3037 artists' monographs. It includes 46 periodicals titles, some of which are no longer published, such as History of art published by the National Institute of Art History. From these periodicals, 26,723 articles have been indexed and are therefore accessible via the museum database (TMS - The Museum System).

A collection on Provence and more particularly on Martigues is also made available to researchers as well as references on ethnology and archeology.

The works can be consulted on site, by appointment, on 04 42 41 39 47. Ziem’s work is represented by numerous oil paints and graphic works.


Phone : 04 42 41 39 60

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