Présentation of the communism collection of the Louis Aragon multimedia library.

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Carte du Parti communiste français 1945 480px hauteur"Carte du Parti communiste français 1945.jpg" by Céach
under license CC BY-SA 4.0

The stages of the constitution of the communism collection

This collection consists of works acquired or donated to the library since its creation. By examining the collections of the reserve in 2006, it appeared that the collection was rich in numerous works dealing with socialism and communism: theoretical or political writings (Marx, Lenin, Jaurès, Mao, Gramsci ...), memoirs of leaders, of activists, resistance fighters or trade unionists (Jacques Duclos, Marcel Paul…), historical analyzes as well as productions from publishing houses such as: Editions sociales, éditions de Moscou, Editeurs français réunis, Autres temps, Editions ouvrières, Maspero…
 It was decided to keep these works and to create a specific collection initially named “Socialism and Communism”.
 This collection has been being processed since 2007.
 In 2009, in the usual donations which are gathered by the multimedia library, many works came to enrich this collection. Knowing this orientation of our conservation has enabled us to receive regular thematic donations from residents of Martigues and their families sometimes living in the Paris region. (Pegon donation, Maîtrerobert donation, Décombe donation, Treppo, Mitolo).
 In 2009, we name this collection "communism" since it is oriented towards the conservation of editions of the French Communist Party.

A few examples