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Charles Maurras was born in Martigues in 1868. In 1997, the City accepted the donation of his birthplace, the country house on Chemin de Paradis with its furniture and its personal library.

The controversies aroused by the inscription of the 150th anniversary of Maurras's birth in the book of National Commemorations and the editorial news linked to this anniversary have led to reflection on the treatment of collections related to this character.

Considering that Charles Maurras was above all a nationalist, anti-Republican, anti-Semitic political thinker and not a major author of French literature, it was decided to approach Maurras's report to Martigues from a political angle. This, in order to avoid that by privileging the vision of a writer and poet Maurras, "son of Martigues" and cantor of the pond of Berre, one minimizes the political role of the thinker of the French Action, ideologue. royalist and xenophobic.

Thus two new special funds have been created at the media library:

  • A Maurras collection bringing together the works of Charles Maurras and studies on Maurras and Maurrasism with the acquisition of new publications and re-editions published by serious and recognized publishers. (43 titles in 2018).
  • A "20th Century Political History" collection bringing together all the books in the media library dealing with political ideas and French political history for the period from the Dreyfus affair to the Purification (1894-1945).

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