Photography of the Louis Aragon multimedia library of Martigues

The multimedia library offers you events, workshops, many services to discover...

This comfortable place offers you almost 130,000 documents (books, magazines, newspapers, CDs, videos, DVDs, read texts, etc.) to borrow or consult on the site, stations with free Internet access, high-speed wifi connection …

All of these services are free.

opening conditions for the multimedia library during the second lockdown.

Starting on Tuesday November 10th,  and in compliance with health instructions, which authorize the opening of libraries for the sole withdrawal of orders, the libraries are setting up book counters services.

Starting on Thursday, November 11th, use this site to reserve documents cathing your interest, and wait for the email offering you to make an appointment.

Excetpionnal rule :  up to 10 documents per user, to speed up the flow of documents.

If you do not know yet which book interest you or if you prefer to go through phone, call us on, we will book an appointment for you.

  • Registrations schedule: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The first appointments will be proposed starting on Tuesday November 10th, going from 10a.m.
  • If you do not have any reservation before the appointment, we will suggest you some documents.

Access limited to the entrance of the meeting hall ; on user at a time ; queue outside of the library. Wearing a mask is compulsory, as hand disinfection.